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Welcome to Manthey’s Christmas Treeland! We’re a family-run Christmas-tree farm located just north of Bellingham, just a couple miles east of the Ferndale I-5 exit, on Axton Road. We’re proud that our Christmas tree farm is still very much a Mom & Pop operation. We enjoy meeting people and assisting them with their special Christmas tree. Unlike most Christmas-tree farms, we charge only by the type of tree, not its height.

We make getting your you-cut tree very easy:

Drive into the entrance and you’ll be met by someone with a saw and a tree map & guide.
meet with map and saw
When it’s really busy we’ll have lots of people to help you when you arrive.
greeters 0311

Park on the side of the gravel road that goes through the tree farm, or in a parking area at the end of the road.
view down road0328

Find a tree you like (we have lots of trees so this can take as long as you want!)
tree hunting 0577 tree cutting 0657

Cut your chosen tree down with your saw, and take it to your vehicle; carry it if you have enough willing hands in your group or use one of the tree carts or sleds to pull it to your vehicle.
looking for tree with cart 0323 tree cart 0320

Put the tree in the back of your truck, or tie it to the roof with the base of the tree toward the front. If you don’t have rope or other tie-downs with you, we have some twine. Some other suggestions are here.
tree on car 0322

We have a tree netting/binder, which is useful if you’re driving a long distance, need to store the tree in a small space for a while, or worry about getting a wide tree into your house!
tree bailer 0566
A large tree can be made into a much skinner package with the tree binder:
carrying bound tree 0633

Drive up to the little kiosk on the way out and pay for your tree, and then you’re on your way!
kiosk 0335

Check out our gift shop, wreathes & garlands, and flocked trees.
Flocked trees are $8 a foot. We have some pre-made, but you can also choose your own tree for flocking and come back in a few days when it’s dry.
flocked trees0117

Our selection of pre-cut trees are the same price as the you-cut trees, except for some very tall ones.
pre-cut trees Panorama2
We also have live trees with root balls in burlap. These are $35 and $45.live trees0299

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  1. had a great time picking out our tree! the people are super nice and very helpful plus it is cheaper than going to the store and buying one! this will be a tradition!

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